Custom Honda Ruckus- P150 Warhawk


A simple interest that quickly turned into a passion. Eduardo’s Steady Garage built military inspired Honda Ruckus; P150 Warhawk.

Not long after we finished moving to Irwindale, Eduardo stopped by after being referred by our good customers, RJ and Russell. Eduardo wanted to drop off his newly acquired Ruckus and have it revive from the dead. After being neglected for a long time, the Ruckus was filled with Colorado dirt and grimes, with obvious signs that it was never babied. Eduardo bought the Ruckus to explore a new hobby and to learn new things. While he was doing his usual Colorado routes, he came across the posted ad and decided to contact the seller. Shortly after, the Ruckus was on its way to a new home, California. Being that Eduardo is an interstate truck driver with 4 kids, time is barely on his side. “I have many projects” said Eduardo, “but I rarely have time since I have a trucking company to run and a pretty big family, so I think it’s best for you guys to help me build this Ruckus because my other projects are still… project! lol”. Eduardo had no idea what to expect when he stopped by Steady Garage, he thought that is was ludicrous that some folks would go all-out on these fun little machines. After touring around the shop and talking with us, Eduardo got the chance familiarize himself with the Ruckus, the potential it has, and the amount of ‘fun’ he’ll be having with it.


One major key part that’ll draw your attention to the P150 Warhawk is the battery box. Eduardo came up with the idea and design of the battery box, however trusting an artist to make it come to life is a challenge itself. Thanks to our good friend Yuichi, aka Custom Painter Bob, Eduardo’s vision was brought to life with special touches and details incorporated by Bob. While others are wrapping their vehicles with printed vinyls, Bob made it apparent that he wanted to show the actual brush strokes and ‘naturalness’ of a hand painted battery box.


Since the P150 Warhawk Ruckus was inspired by America war machines, the Chimera Telescopic kickstand was the right choice for the project. The arsenal inspired kickstand is retractable with a twist and lock feature; the same feeling as pulling back on the bolt handle of a rifle.


Eduardo wanted this project to be simple and equipped with only the necessity that he needs. Much like a fighter plane that’s ready for battle, P150 Warhawk is ready to attack the rough streets of So-Cal.


To start the engine and to turn on the Baja Design LED headlight, a pair of Tron universal LED push buttons were installed, simple and effective.


With a variety of mufflers that we offer and use, Eduardo told us that he preferred a slim muffler that’s ceramic coated black. Skeptical at first, we’ve decided to jump the gun and build the exhaust, in hopes that he’ll like it when it’s installed onto his Ruckus. When we were done with the exhaust, we ended up with a full stainless steel exhaust; using a Fireball muffler mated to a Chimera High Rise Header. On top of that (literally), we added a Chimera Oil Catch Can to keep his engine and bike free of oil residue that would normally escape out of the breather. The polished finishes were kept, and to our surprise, he likes the exhaust set up and the fact that he could ceramic coat the exhaust matte-black when he wants to change things up, whereas if it was vice-versa, the ceramic coat would be a pain to strip.


Staying true to the styling cues of fighting machines, the gas tank was left absence of a plastic or FRP cover. Adding to the style and functionality, a Chimera X-Factory Foot Rest was installed for proper leg resting positions without sacrificing ground clearance. The original gas tank was powder coated semi-gloss black.

As cliché as it may sound, Eduardo is not done with P150 Warhawk. Currently, he is enjoying the Ruckus, but it’ll be back for more additional work, such as having Bob painting the rest of the frame to match the battery box and some go-fast goodies. When these photos were taken, P150 Warhawk was about 95% completed. It was awaiting a custom Baja Design LED headlight along with a few small bits and pieces. By the time you read this, Eduardo has logged thousands of miles onto his Ruckus, riding two large So-Cal rides (Super Sunday 2015 and Ruckout Long Beach) and many cruise during his free time. Eduardo is having so much fun, he had began another project for his wife and son. We can’t wait to see everyone rolling together!

Parts list:




Accessories/Dress Up Parts:

Plating and Body Work:

  • Powder Coated Green Front and Rear Frame
  • Powder Coated Semi-Gloss Black Parts
  • Custom Painted Battery Box by Yuichi aka Custom Painter Bob