Hawaii CON '13 – Day 1

It’s been over 5 years since the very first Hawaii CON took place, it was also the first and only one that I’ve been to.  During that time, I was just a young fella who had yet to reach the legal drinking age and at the same time, being a full-time college student striving on the move in the city (Los Angeles/San Gabriel Valley).  Between now and then, there have been many different changes that took place; however we’re glad to be able to finally make it back to Honolulu for HawaiiCON 2013. On top of everyone being there, it was probably the most epic Hawaii CON of its history.


Before moving onto the good stuff, we’ll have to share the (almost unfortunate) chain of events; as if there was something preventing us from going to Hawaii.  Anyway, our flight was scheduled to depart at 8:40am, it’s a given that traffic is crazy heading towards LAX in the early AM (or anytime during the day). We decided to meet at Steady Garage at 6am. Already running 15 minutes late, Duy and I arrived at our headquarter to meet up with Honest Mike. After picking up HM, we went on our way to pick up Raymond aka LongBaller and hit the morning I-10 westbound traffic. When we were about to arrive to Ray’s house, HM noticed that he had forgotten his backpack in his girlfriend’s car (which contains all his camera equipment and laptop). With that being said, we were running very close to missing the flight considering that it was already 6:50am. After a few phone calls, we informed Stacy to meet up with us so that we didn’t have to backtrack.  Leaving Ray’s house, Duy was speeding down Garfield Ave, doing 50mph on a 35 zone. Stopped by a police officer, we thought it was all over! We weren’t going to make the flight. Instead, the officer just gave us a warning. We finally met up with Stacy and off we went.  We made it to LAX just in time to make it to the gate but we got pulled to the side by TSA, informing us that we needed to speak to the baggage supervisor. We knew what was coming and which bag was being denied. We had  checked in a bag that housed a Chimera X Yimmy! 66.6cc GET Ruckus engine (the devils engine). Next to the engine was a used carburetor which smelled of gas even though it was already emptied. The TSA agent informed us that we were not going to make it back on time to board the plane, “either both or one of you will have to catch the next flight” she said. So Ray went on his way to talk to the supervisor while I went on my way to the plane so that I could arrive in Honolulu to pick up the car rental and check into the hotel room.  Just two minutes before the plane was about to leave, I saw Ray  make it onto the plane. He simply told TSA to dispose the carburetor and everything was good from there on.


Catch a little bit of the interview with Raymond on Scoot TV.

[embedplusvideo height=”450″ width=”550″ editlink=”http://bit.ly/14wD2CG” standard=”http://www.youtube.com/v/rQiEACYKZqI?fs=1″ vars=”ytid=rQiEACYKZqI&width=550&height=450&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=¬es=” id=”ep1555″ /]


We picked up the rental car and met up with Ryan Hartford where we went to lunch at Zippy’s before making our way to Wrench Werks.  Wrench Werks is an Audi/VW and German car specialist that also does Honda Ruckus’. Be sure to stop by Wrench Werks for all of your Ruckus and German car needs! Lance, Rod, Dana, and the rest of the WWX team will be sure to take care of you!



Many gear-heads will drool over this fully equipped Snap-On toolbox.  This belongs to Lance Lizares, who owns Wrench Werks.



A familiar sight at any shops before a big ride/event, last minute things to do on the bikes. Meet Ryan Hartford (left) and Shane on the right.



Gavin’s rad IQ with Super Advan SA3’s.





Gavin’s custom Honda Ruckus was also wearing a set of rare 13×6 Advan A3A’s.


Dana Moiser’s properly built CRX with old school Sparco Racing Mesh rims. These wheels were proper back in the early 90’s, now it is hard as shit to find any legit set in great condition.




Here’s Lance rolling up with his custom built Ruckus, Nikka.




Around the block from Wrench Werks was Fresh Cafe, where they were hosting a flea market with live music and art work.


The place reminds me of hipster spots around So-Cal, however the vibe and feel here was much more mild, really showing the aloha spirits.






Vendors from all around Hawaii took up nearly all of the floor space  in the patio area and behind Fresh Cafe.






Earlier we stated that everyone was there, well everyone was! Johnnie Huang (SGV), Jay Martin in green (New York/Makoa Scooter), Ming Ly (SGV/Standard Functions), Yutaka Wakabayashi (Osaka, Japan/ Rat Koubou) Yoshifumi Sekizawa (Tokyo, Japan/Tokyo Parts) and a few others, such as Jensen Acosta (San Jose/Full Time Artist), Robert Smith (Florida/RuckHouse), and Tony Lac (SGV/Rucksters).


Across the street, Robi Lum showed us Quick Fix, a scooter salvage yard where you could find nearly every scooter and moped parts.



Walking back to Wrench Werks, we finally got to see the latest build. A SYM Symba 110 Super Cub aka Copycub built by Andrew Green (Hi-Grade).



This Cub has so much steez, we don’t think it could of been done any better. Great job Andrew! This is definitely our style, clean and classy. Small accent pieces, such as gold chains, maroon wrapped seat, and custom built parts are what makes the bike!






Despite the communication barrier with Yutaka and Sekizawa from Japan, we still had a blast with these guys! It was great to finally meet Yutaka after exchanging so many brokenly translated messages through email and Facebook. Surprisingly their english was enough to keep a conversation going!



Here’s Sekizawa taking a photo of Yutaka and Andrew.








To be continued… Hawaii CON 2013 – Day 2, The Adventure.



-Steady Garage