Marble Madness: RB Edition – Custom Honda Ruckus

The name “Marble Madness” stuck with Philip Ly’s 2009 custom Honda Ruckus ever since Mark “Fatlace” called it that back in 2010; during Fatlace’s Klas:SIK event in Vallejo, CA.  During that time, Marble Madness had a 1-piece rear frame, Louis Vuitton Grey/Black Checkered wrapped seat, and static suspension.






Here is one of the few original photos taken by Mark.



Phil riding around Fatlace Kla:SIK event.



Here is the Standard Functions x Midnight Garage revamp of Marble Madness in 2011.  After going through a few phases, we all thought that the Marbleized Purple Ruckus would be done after the Godzilla rear frame modification was completed and a new “corkscrew” exhaust was built; however things could always be better.


It’s early April 2013, Super Sunday rush was already in full effect with 2 full ground-up projects needing to be completed (Amèlie and Z400), Philip decided he didn’t want us to sleep during the last two weeks before Super Sunday.  Stopping by to drop off painted body parts for the two projects, it sparked some interest to him again because all of the sudden, this mofo was motivated to rebuild Marble Madness after 2 years of being neglected.  After talking to Phil for a few minutes, we knew what direction he wanted to go with the seat and what he needed to get done to the bike so that it could look beautiful again.  Imagine 2 years of shop dust sitting in every crevice of the bike; Marble Madness was full of sadness.


Having only 1 day to assemble the bike after receiving all the painted parts back, we were in a tight time crunch as friends and supporters all around the U.S. were in town for Super Sunday weekend. With many things going on and people to host, we thought she wouldn’t make it due to lack of time. Having a bike that was fully disassembled and over 20 bits and pieces that needed to be polished, we took on the challenge and finished the bike just in time.
Here is Marble Madness: RB Edition.








We fabricated the seat by adding a symmetrical Godzilla tail on both ends of the seat frame while trying to see where would be the best place to make it float without displaying any side tabs or brackets. After everything was welded, we then finished it off with an aluminum seat pan wrapped with Cork color leather.  The exhaust on the other hand, we wanted to build something that was different than the corkscrew style, we took inspiration from Elizabeth (Kevin’s cousin) trumpet (musical instrument) and built a custom header with a BTX Bazooka canister. Finally, Phil updated the the marble paint by giving it a new flesh tone – Root Beer brown with Blue pearl that popped very nicely in the California sun.



Overall everything remained the same due to Phil’s tight budget. Performance upgrade includes a Feign Blaster CDI.




The nice stance was achieved by the air ride suspension, which allows Phil to slam his custom Ruckus whenever he wanted to without risking ride safety or comfort.




Thanks to Alex Bounly for letting us use a few of his shots!


-Steady Garage