Back to the Present – Ryan Leung's Yamaha TW200


The Yamaha TW200 is currently the only ‘timeless’ dual purpose motorcycle that is still being manufactured since 1989 (over 20 years!). The visual aesthetics of this bike can tell you that the TW ages well with minimal changes. Without detaching the original Yamaha feel, Ryan Leung’s personalized TW is kept sleek and clean with a variety of parts from Japan.  Everything about this bike is astonishing from top to bottom from details such as the extended swing arm, powder coated frame, blacked out engine, stripped fairings, and custom exhaust with a cone muffler. Nonetheless Ryan’s TW200 was inspired by café bikes with a round headlight, bare chassis, and lowered handle bars (by the time you read this, a new clubman handlebar was installed).



Original 200cc of fury that could also be found on TTR’s, XR’s, and other Yamaha bikes. Common wear and blemishes on the clutch cover shows signs that the bike sees the street as often as possible.



This TW has only parts that it needs, everything is kept as minimal as possible. We’ve installed a Daytona adjustable shock in conjunction with 14kg springs. The higher spring rate was selected to assist the extended swing arm by supporting a additional rider during the weekend cruises with his lovely wife.


Since the TW200 was air cooled, Earl’s oil cooler was added to help with the California heat.


Yamaha built a very nice versatile cruiser for moderate trail and road riding. This TW gave us the motivation to start our long awaited TW project (after purchasing one in 2011). Thanks buddy!

PS: Ryan is selling his TW200 to finish off his 240Z project, please contact us! [email protected]

-Steady Garage