A Tasty Recipe – Project Amélie

Meet Amèlie. Before everything, she was an innocent 2011 Yamaha C3 from South El Monte.  When we first brought up the idea of building Amèlie, we thought it would be a perfect opportunity to build something unique.  The objective of her presence is to help others discover a new perspective, and the possible rewards of building something unfamiliar to the norm.  As cliché as it sounds, we love to go by this little slogan; “Create, not Imitate”. More often than so, it’s easy to succeed with repeated concepts, however we embrace those who seek new challenges with any project. There aren’t many support for this chassis in the states (we hope to change that). Nevertheless, the Amèlie project started 3 weeks before 2013’s Super Sunday, so we had no room for any trial and errors.   It was a stressful yet rewarding race to bring her to the current state, but here she is in all her glory.



We kept simplicity in mind when Amèlie was created. Our vision was to keep it classy and organic to the original form. Although some may say it’s done, we definitely don’t think so. Due to time constrain, we weren’t able to fulfill the complete list of to-do’s, but definitely she is ‘done’ for now.



Ever since Fatphos’ LaDonna Metropolitan was built, we’ve been itching to build a side exit exhaust system. Amèlie was the perfect candidate for the exhaust concept, the boxy panels allowed us the needed space to tuck a muffler behind it.




Custom matching 13×7 3-piece mesh rims were built to our specification, these are true modular rims (contact us for information). Chimera RZ1 Fatty engine mount was the perfect choice to comfortably mount the Yamaha Zuma 125 engine into the Yamaha C3 chassis. After some modifications and fabrication, it was a bolt-on affair. This is 2 of 2 Yamaha C3’s using this set up (Corsport C3).

IMG_5640 SM



Footwork consist of Feign SB Lowering forks borrowed from the Honda Ruckus, 260mm Brake Rotor, Feign PH80.2 4 piston caliper, Steady Garage custom front hub adapter, Adelin CNC mastercylinders, and a simple Daytona Drag handle bar. To the rear we have Chimera Z125 disc brake set up with Feign PH80.2 caliper, Feign 220mm brake rotor, and a simple mono-shock set up.




Some may not notice, but the front rim actually has a 1 inch deeper lip than the rear. This was done with the idea to emphasize attention to the front end by creating a ultra-wide perception of the front rim. There are currently only two 7″ wide fatty front wheel set up in America, we wanted anyone (enthusiast or not) to notice the unusualness.  Seeing is believing.






Incase you’re wondering, Amèlie is looking for a new home, please contact us for price and inquiry. [email protected]

IMG_5660 SM




-Steady Garage