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Another year has come and go, 2013 Super Sunday happened on April 28.  Each year, Killer Scooters’ Super Sunday ride keeps growing larger and larger.  Its been 5 years since our first Super Sunday back in 2008; however this year was made a little different for us. Thanks to our friend Luis Tanahara who volunteered to bring out his Pace Arrow RV as Steady Garage X Mild support vehicle; we were able to experience a completely different Super Sunday than the previous years.  Prominently, this is one of the few rides where people all around the states put their blood, sweat and tears into their scooters in preparation for this big cruise. The location for 2013 wasn’t at the traditional “The Hat” off of Rosemead and Broadway, but was relocated to Grand Burger in Rancho Cucamonga. Nevertheless, from new innovation, fabrication and robust parts installed on these bikes, this the largest gathering of riders from new and old faces around the states.



Steady Garage’s coverage on Super Sunday 2013 will be slightly different than others.  We are going to give you our point of view from the RV. We didn’t get much time to shoot much photos at Grand Burger, however we manage to capture moments during the adventure.


Before we start the blog, we would like to say Happy Birthday to Big Lou! Thanks for everything!


Only sleeping a few hours for the  whole week, it was extremely hard waking up from a power nap on Sunday morning.  We finally got the trailer hitched onto Lou’s RV, then we were off to meet up with Jay Martin (Makoa Scooters) and the Ruck House fellas.  It’s 7a.m. in the morning and Francis thought it would be a great idea to kick off the day with a shot of Jack.



Meet Ryan (left IG: Ryanskeet) our Marketing/Communication coordinator and also the newest member of the crew.




Another part of the crew, Francis (left- Co-Founder/Art Director) and Duy (right- Co-Founder/Technical Director) is getting the day ready with the right jams and Duy checking out Sonny’s camera.



First stop was a few miles away from Grand Burger on Route 66.




Travis (IG: Hiimtraaavis) had a little bit of oil over flow issue, but it was addressed when we arrived to Grand Burger.




This is when you know you’re low enough; when the rear tire takes off the tail lens! hellaflushed? (Thank you Patrick (IG: xtramedium) from Corsports for lending us their tail light lens for the photo shoot after SS2013!





Steven from NorCal (IG: S3industries) with one of the most original Zuma 125 in the states. Many details and innovation done to his bike.



Jensen (IG: Jaerwon) cruising on his GP6. Another OG original and innovative project from early 2007. Jensen’s bike always have a lot of steez. steadygarage_supersunday10


Wilson (IG: _wiljai) our marketing intern and garage apprentice.



Rocking the Mild Mannered Club Tee from Mild Clothing’s Summer 2013 line.



Jimmy (IG: yimmychen) aka Yimmy! riding Steady Garage’s Zuma 125 swapped C3, the Amélie project. steadygarage_supersundayk12


Andrew from Hawaii (IG: Higrade) was smashing on Maggie May V2.




Jon Domingo (IG: JDMOTO) from Chicago riding @Fatphos LaDonna BRG Metropolitan. Deanna (IG: Nanurrs) to the right.




We arrived at Grand Burger and we were shocked, the turn out was amazing pulling up with bikes in every part of the lot. We jumped on top of the RV to get an ariel view.







A line up of bikes from IER.




Stance will make her…. dance?





Riders meeting with Steven (IG: Killerscooter / IncredibleVapors) , organizer and creator of Super Sunday









Our friend Hannah got a ride from our homie Geo with his R6. Representing Mild with the Wilkerson Pin and one of the pin from our nude pack.



Out we go.



Since there were a slight change in route, we decided to follow those who were already jamming out. We had to pick up Scott from SVS with his Z50.



Despite from the traditional routine of breaking-down and then sit in a support truck while you stare at all the bikes cruising without you; we wanted to do something different especially for the out of state guys.  If you break down, you have to take “The Shot of Shame” and enjoy the Rv Lyfe (IG tag: rvlyfe) with the Mild Crew.



Along the way, Ray (IG: longballer)’s front wheel bearing was making a little bit of noise. Instead of riding in the heat, he wanted to join the good life, the hall of fame shame.



During the ride we passed up a pack of riders and spotted Ron in his newly built trike.



A hour later, we arrived to Pechanga Casino. We have no idea what we were looking at when this photo was taken. But what we do know is that we were starving from the early day of drinking beers, tasking a handful of shots, and laughing out asses off- we’re ready to grub.



After a few hours of eatery and chilling in the casino, a few riders from the pack showed up as we were about to leave.  We talked to a few people about how the ride went because we ended up getting on the freeway since the trailer was full in order to get to Pechanga on time. After a round of byes and peace, we were on the way back to Steady Garage.steadygarage_supersunday26


Everything was fine and dandy until the Pace Arrow started to act up and the engine started sputtering before it finally stalled out. Luckily, Lou was able to pull off of the freeway and carried on the momentum all the way to a empty strawberry stand. No powersteering and no brake assist from the booster, Lou has some great emergency driving skills!




Since we were all gear heads, we decided to try and diagnose the problem of the RV. We pulled off the air cleaner, checked the carburetor, and we figured it was either fuel delivery or spark. Walmart  was within walking distance, Jensen ,Sonny, and Ray decided to take a walk to Walmart to grab a set of spark plugs, carburetor cleaner, and misc to see if we could get the RV going.  We ended up giving the RV a tune up and cleaned out the carburetor a bit and noticed that it still wasn’t getting enough fuel. That’s when we tossed in the rags and called AAA for a tow, the RV needed a mechanical fuel pump or to have the fuel line cleaned because the only way it still stay on is with assistance from the carb cleaner.





The day was cooling off and we couldn’t ask for a better or much peaceful place to chill at. Here we share stories and random awesomeness.

For those who are curious, nothing were wrong with the bikes that are on the trailer. Just small things that the riders didn’t want to risk, such as expire tags, slight oil leak, and noisy wheel bearings.



As bad as some might think, it actually turned out be a great ass time (the good was better than the bad). We had all of the essentials, a fridge stocked with beers, music, chairs, great weather, mini fire pit, and good friends, we actually felt like we were camping out of state!


Francis updating his Instagram (IG: sirfransalot)








The RV support truck experience was very different than anything we’ve experienced for Super Sunday. It was nothing but great times and a great story to share with everyone.

Thanks to Luis Tanahara for making it out with us and thank you for letting us party in your RV! Thanks to Killer Scooters for hosting a badass event year after year! Thanks to everyone close and far for supporting, visiting, and being a part of Super Sunday.


Keep on a look out for the shop hop photos hosted by Kiwi2Racing on Super Saturday, which will be posted shortly.


Check out Scoot TV video on Super Sunday 2013! Since we were in the RV, check out the adventure during the ride! Honest Mike managed to complete 3 videos within a very short amount of time. Thank you Honest for the extra hard work!!

PS: Be on the look out at the very end of the video.


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-Steady Garage


Photos By: @ryanskeet, @_wiljai, @sirfransalot, @fatphos, Duy

Photos Editing By: @_wiljai, @fatphos

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