Part 3 of 3, the Alpinestars Headquarter.


Many exciting festivities was happening at the Alpinestars HQ, raffle prizes, awards, vendors, and fellow riders chopping it up it randomness.



The first thing that everyone did at the Ruck Out was to get in line at the Cycle World/Honda Powersports booth to fill out a raffle ticket or a chance to win some free goods and a chance to win a brand new Honda Ruckus.  Matt Tye from Sticky Belts is ready to drop his raffle ticket into the box. Alpinestars is probably one of the best places to enter into a raffle (you’ll see why a little below) because Matt ended up winning the first prize!


We shared a booth with Standard Functions, Sticky Belts, and SGVforLIFE.





Our friends from SGVFORLIFE and their classy display.



Meet Paul Chan aka AnimalChan (far right). He is the one man team behind SGVFORLIFE, a brand that represent the almighty San Gabriel Valley.  Some may recognize the current style and steez from his (lost but not forgotten) classic SGV website-  AnimalChan’s previous SGV website has some of the best archives there; featuring classic skate videos, music, SGV lifestyle, and interviews dating back to 2006 (and older) with tastemakers in different industries, such as Jonas Bevacqua (Founder of LRG Clothing, RIP), Bobbyhundreds (The Hundreds), Brandon Leung (Bowls Los Angeles), and more.  The things you’ll find on are things that SGV locals may have over looked, a great example of AnimalChan’s callouts were the SGV Vines art work painted on walls around the SGV and Sriracha Hot Sauce goods.


He is a Ruckus OG and one of the first few who was daring to go anywhere and everywhere on a Ruckus. We’ll post more on AnimalChan’s Radventure in a few days.



Ming aka Minkus aka Ming45 from Standard Functions who won the raffle prize from GoPro. In our opinion that was one of the top 3 prizes from the raffle (aside from the Ruckus and HPI RC). We know he’ll be putting it in great use capturing HD footies, from bedroom to the dance floor… or it is the other way around? (rapperproblems).


Kevin Chapman from Chaps Garage also came up with a nice Bell helmet.



Adam, who happened to be at the right place at the right time- won a HPI RC car. Adam randomly decided to ride the Ruck Out the night before due to Yimmy! calling him out on having no reason that he shouldn’t ride.  It turned out to be a good day for him. Seem like a lot of our friends are taking home some dope goodies.



Shortly later before 2pm, Chris Hull (Communications Department at Alpinestars) annouced the winners of the event. Congratulation to Rucksters, Tony Chong, Jensen, and Kevin Kumtong!steadygarage_ruckouth41



Here’s Jensen GP6 Track Ruckus. Every time we Jensen’s bike, there are always something new on there. Jensen use to track his Ruckus as often as he could, however Ruckus class ended after one season due to low support.



Jason (left) and Chris, always down to ride.


Mr. McNicklessteadygarage_ruckouth27



Congratulation to Luis Chavez who ended up winning the grand prize! Can’t wait to see what he has lined up for his new project!



Being a little late (towards the end of the event- lol) Drew from Drow Sports Honda Ruckus with a Grand Axis 2-Stroke engine. This engine swap is one of the handful in the United States.






Yogi from Fatlace handed Drew and I some of this seasons Fatlace stickers. Thanks Yogi!!



Yogi’s GS430 and the Ming45 will be at Formula D’s Slammed Society on April 13 in Long Beach. Be on the look out!steadygarage_ruckouth24

Back to the SGV we go. It was a long week and long weekend, check out the HW&W Fam Bam post from Mild Clothing’s Tumblr- drinking the night away prior to the Ruck Out.



Check out the visual from Scoot-TV by Honest Mike!


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-Steady Garage