Sticky Belts – Belt Solution for Gear Heads

Earlier this afternoon, Matt Tye and Kevin Chapman aka Mr. Chaps from Sticky Belts dropped by our headquarter to chop up some stuff for a two wheel project. They dropped off a few of their belts to us.  For those who don’t know, Sticky Belts are perfect for gear heads who are constantly getting down and dirty. Having nothing ferrous on the belt, it will save your fenders, motorcycle gas tank, and other finished panels from getting scratched. Comfort is important when Matt and Kevin designed their belts, there are no belt buckles digging into your skin when you are riding or working.  Also, style is not a problem since these urban patterns and colorways will go with anything you’re wearing. Hell, it might be the best looking thing on you after a dirty job.  For all true gear heads like us, these belts are perfect- like Dannie Riel.




All Sticky Belts are hand made in the U.S.A by the founder themselves. Respect and support independent brands. Get your hands dirty… Cuts ‘n’ Bruises.





Adjustable to fit many waist sizes, if you’re losing or gaining weight, don’t worry about buying another size Belt.





Here’s another feature that we love about Sticky Belts, they are reversible so that if you’re not feeling awesome, flip it over for the solid color.





Thanks homie for the goods! Be sure to support them!


-Steady Garage