Meeting to Swap – Eagle Rock Datsun Nippon Swap Meet

On this beautiful St. Patrick’s afternoon, we decided to hit up the Datsun Nippon Swap Meet and Car Show in hopes to get parts for our Billy Bob project (held at the Eagle Rock Recreational Center in Southern California). In the world of swap meets, bargain hunters will tell you first hand, “the early bird gets the worm.”  Since this swap meet is from 8am to 2pm, all the good stuff were already wiped out the minute the gates open.  People from near or far will wake up bright and early in hopes of finding that rare part or car.   Unfortunately for us, we got to Eagle Rock at around noon time, so most of the vendors and show vehicles had already packed up and continued their Sunday (shit, on a beautiful Sunday like this, we would want to bounce too).


Anyway, here are few snaps of how it is to be at a swap meet….just in case some of you have never been.


From wheels, brackets, bumpers, to all the little things you may need, the greatest part about a local swap meet is that you could see and examine the parts, then pay the price according to the condition of it.   steadygarage_datsunsm2   steadygarage_datsunsm1


While browsing around, we ran into our good friends Ricky (Proverse) and Jason (Monterey Park Auto Body), who caught me off guard snapping away.  They’ve arrived a little before us and was there to enjoy the day with their Datsun’s. steadygarage_datsunsm4


This is Ricky’s pristine ’69 Datsun Fairlady Roadster, all original sporting 15×8 and 15×9 Work Equip 03’s.  As far as we could remember, Ricky has been rocking this set up since early 2007,  mild and just right. steadygarage_datsunsm3 steadygarage_datsunsm25


Things that we can’t get enough of, classic and chrome. Qué plástico?


Here is Jason’s Datsun 1200 Sunny coupe, just fresh out of his body shop where a fresh new coat of the original color was laid. Jason’s wheel choice and fitment was also Mild and just right. A little back story about these wheels. I kept these wheels for a future project, however when Jason cruised by with his newly purchased Sunny almost a year ago, we knew these wheels would be perfect for his car. Rare and harder to find than SSR Long Champs.



A few of you may have recognize this car in a few photos on Mild Clothing’s website. Thank you Jason for always supporting and always being there!          


For those who may be wondering, both the Sunny and the Fairlady are for sale. You have to be ready to pay-to-play for these two cars. Contact us for info if you’re serious about adding one of the two (or both if you’re balling) cars to your collection.





Walking to the other side of the swap meet, we spotted a group of 510’s posting up. The two bright color ones caught my attention as I noticed both wasn’t sporting a typical KA24 or SR20 swap.          


Hard to find Datsun 510 GL, but on top of that, it was sporting a V6 badge.  



The V6 badge isn’t just for decoration, but it actually has a VG30 swap in it with a carbed set up.



Nicely done with great fender work and authentic Watanabe’s.   steadygarage_datsunsm11   steadygarage_datsunsm12    


More discontinued parts, here are a few set of common wheels that you would find on a classic Datsun, Western Wheels, Enkeis, and much more.



The swap meet also had a few projects waiting for a new owner. Check out this great Datsun 411 Wagon, this will make a great canvas for those who would like to build a classic Japanese wagon.        



You’ll also recognize the front end used on the early 521 pick ups, sporting quad 5-3/4″ headlights.   steadygarage_datsunsm16  


I wished we were able to talk to the owner about this wagon, however we moved along to other section of the swap meet. One day we will build one.



Here’s another project, a fastback 1200 Sunny. The owner travelled all the way from Nor-Cal to make it to the Eagle Rock swap meet, a true hardcore Datsun enthusiast.  He/she probably saved this fastback from going to the junkyard, someone has to put this thing back on the road. steadygarage_datsunsm22   steadygarage_datsunsm21    


Some literature that you may find at the swap meet, if you have some on your book shelf, share a PDF file with us… or not.


Although it was an Datsun swap meet, you’ll still find some other classic Japanese cars there as well, check out this RA24 packed up and leaving the spot.



Just another sunny Sunday in Socal, now we’re off for some green beer.


-Steady Garage